By Jennifer Dotson

Published by Chicago Poetry Press in April 2013.

Clever Gretel

Cover Illustration by Sue Cargill

Praise for Clever Gretel

“In Clever Gretel, Jennifer Dotson’s poems transform the straw of everyday womanhood to that which glows with the luminosity of simple truth. Utilizing a playful sense of the magically real, she sleuths for meaning– in misplaced glasses, in the chipped veneer of Art Deco dressers, in the empty jar of celery salt, in her nightmare “plummet into space.” As a reader I peered through the window of Jennifer’s words into the grace of family life and her ‘fortune shone on me.’”

~ Maureen Tolman Flannery, author of Ancestors in the Landscape

“Clever Gretel explores life’s loves, losses, anxieties and joys in a voice sagacious yet candid enough to discuss acne over a latte. Even Dotson’s forays into the worlds of mythology and superheroes stay grounded in the contemporary problems of junk mail and low-carb diets. In one poem the speaker says of the Muse, ‘I don’t remember what she looks like’– but you will certainly find her here in this refreshing debut.” 

~ Tania Runyan, author of Delicious Air (Finishing Line Press).

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Jennifer Dotson 2013 PHOTO – credit Martha Abelson Photography