Jennifer Dotson, Poet

Jennifer Dotson Headshot

PHOTO – credit Martha Abelson Photography


Jennifer Dotson is the author of Late Night Talk Show Fantasy & Other Poems (Kelsay Books, 2020). Her debut poetry collection, Clever Gretel, received the Journal of Modern Poetry First Book Award and was published by Chicago Poetry Press in 2013. Her poems have appeared in After Hours, Caravel Literary Arts Journal, DuPage Valley Review, East on Central, Exact Change Only, Grand Little Things, Journal of Modern Poetry/Poetry Cram, The MacGuffin, Panoplyzine, Poetry Pacific, and Willow Review. Her works have also appeared in numerous anthologies including Raising Lilly Ledbetter (Lost Horse Press), Distilled Lives, Volumes 2 & 4 (Illinois State Poetry Society) and A Midnight Snack (Poetic License Press). She was the Waiting4theBus’ 2013 Poetry Pentathlon Champion at Powell’s Books (Chicago). She facilitates writing workshops for the Highland Park Public Library’s Library U Program. Since 2007, Jennifer is the founder and program coordinator for Highland Park Poetry. Jennifer received her B.A. in English Literature & Theatre Arts from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and her M.F.A. in Drama from the University of Virginia.

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